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What Is the Difference Between Pure and Applied Research?

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❶Research is often put into categories: What Are Examples of Environmental Issues?

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Pure and applied research

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Research carried out for the purpose of better understanding fundamental concepts within a scientific field, rather than in search of a particular commercial goal. Pure research generally does not produce marketable results, but may be used for later research into more specific and profitable applications. Also called fundamental research.

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Sep 08,  · pure research is a type of scientific investigation that seeks to gain knowledge for the sake of knowledge it self.

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Pure Research is a leading procurement intelligence & consulting company. We specialise in customised market, business & financial research solutions. Our comprehensive insights help procurement decision makers and ensure safe supply chains. Pure research is driven by interest or curiosity in the relationships between two or more variables. When an individual is interested in learning simply for learning's sake, she is conducting pure research.

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descriptive research research that provides an accurate portrayal of characteristics of a particular individual, situation, or group. These studies are a means of discovering new meaning, describing what exists, determining the frequency with which something occurs, and categorizing information. Pure Research Pure Research is also known as basic or Fundamental research. It is undertaken out of intellectual curiosity or inquisitiveness. It may lead to either .