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❶I managed to answer my question by just following steps in part 2 and part 3. The actual yield is the actual amount you created, measured directly on a scale.

Percent Yield

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The problem has already given you the actual yield of 15 grams. So, in order to find the percent yield, you need to calculate the theoretical yield. You look at your chemical reaction, and you see that your one and only limiting reactant is calcium carbonate.

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The percentage yield is the ratio between the actual yield and the theoretical yield multiplied by %. It indicates the percent of theoretical yield that was obtained from the final product in an experiment.

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Since percent yield is a percentage, you would normally expect to have a percent yield between zero and If your percent yield is greater than , that probably means you calculated or measured something incorrectly. Now, let's talk terminology. The calculated or expected amount of product is called the theoretical yield. The amount of product actually produced is called the actual yield. When you divide actual yield by theoretical yield you get a decimal percentage known as the percent yield of a reaction.

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Sep 08,  · How to Calculate Theoretical Yield Two Parts: Finding the Limiting Reactant Determining Theoretical Yield Community Q&A The theoretical yield is a term used in chemistry to describe the maximum amount of product that you expect a chemical reaction could create%(81). Percent yield is the percent ratio of actual yield to the theoretical yield. It is calculated to be the experimental yield divided by theoretical yield multiplied by %. If the actual and theoretical yield are the same, the percent yield is %.