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Time Warner Internet

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How to Negotiate Your Rate with Time Warner Cable
Promoting Better Broadband, Fighting Data Caps and Usage-Based Billing

If the current non promotional prices are on the website, where are they hidden? Should I even try calling to see if they will tell me what the current prices are? Like I said, just trying to do my homework here. You will never get rates out of Time Warner Cable by phone. Practically nobody pays the published rates however. I usually recommend people negotiate based on the promo rates you see on the website.

I pay zero for guides, broadcast TV surcharges, sports surcharges, etc. Use my method shown above and TWC should call you and perhaps even leave a message on your voicemail with a new rate.

Then ask them to run down the available promotions in the price range you want. Right now, I have limited info on double play deals. I will post here with what happens. Right now I do not have a charge on my most recent bill for any sports fee or broadcast TV fee.

Now other added on fees. Found the retail rates for various service areas. These are PDFs of the bill inserts we all get:. There are 3 labeled Rochester. Unfortunately, they do not contain any package rates. I have a question or 2. Just got my first bill without the previous promotional price.

Preferred TV with standard Internet is now Are the two DVR charge legit? It helps if you call back a few times, talking to different people yields different results. I had to talk to 3 different people before I finally landed at a service rep who actually wanted to retain me as a customer for a price I was willing to accept.

Used the Twitter method for the 3rd year in a row and was contacted via phone within one hour of my direct message to TWC. I talked to 4 people in 2 hours. I thought I got a great deal for the double play I got my bill yester day. I was charged Nobody told me about this. The instead of seeing Called TWC and ranted, got 70 off the bill. Was I wrong to think the package include the equipment charges? Did you follow our recommended procedure or did you call and negotiate with them yourself?

If you did the former, a senior customer service specialist should have called with a new rate that is all-inclusive with no additional equipment charges, etc. If you called the local TWC office yourself, you were probably sent to a national retentions call center where the deals offered are often much worse. Many of the deals you see on the front page of their website include only one box. If you are renting a cable modem from them, you are throwing away money.

If you have not used our recommended procedure, now is the time to start. That is the deal I am getting in Brighton right now, so if I can get it, you can get something close to it.

If you like premiums, ask if you can get a discount package on those as well. When my 12 month triple play promotion was about to end, I called TWC to get a new, reduced cost deal. I was told that I had to wait until my promotion ended because deals change every month. Of course I listened and waited, only to get that form letter telling me out of the goodness of their heart, TWC was going to extend my deal at an increased rate.

My second call was no better given that this agent sales person told me that deals change every day and that by reducing my services, I would be paying even more.

I was hooked when I saw the same form letter that I had received. Unfortunately, my results were not as good as some others. They did agree however that buying a modem was a good idea. So, it is off to buy a modem and once activated, try again to get some type of savings. Tweeted — no dice. I said no thanks and called the number.

I asked politely where I should go because the website rep says call, and you say go online. They really tried to get me to take the full rate 3 times, then offered the tiniest of discounts. Thank you all for your work and in the creation of this post! Great information I wish I had a year ago when I cancelled.

I have since became a customer again but with standard internet only- currently use DirecTV. We want to combine services- and bills- so I have been in negotiations with TWC for 2 days now.

I have a young child and to get the channels he likes watching we have to go with the preferred plan. I like twc and wanted to stay with them. As background — last Sept. At the time, the rep said there was no expiration for the package. Last week, I received a note from TWC. Seems to me TWC should be a little more forthcoming with that info…. Is my best option to first call them to find out how much the increase will be, and go from there? If you negotiated for a special deal, there is always an expiration date, usually 12 or 24 months after the promo starts.

You will get a letter in the mail a month or two before it expires offering you another deal, at a higher price. I am surprised they did not specify what rates were changing in the letter you received. That is no doubt prompting a lot of calls from annoyed subscribers. My first guess is they omitted some franchise fee or their annoying Broadcast TV and Sports Programming surcharges.

I asked for a reduction as this is outside of my familes budget. I am supposed to get a second callback in a few days, but I doubt it will go anywhere. I am shopping for alternatives. I am waiting with baited breath. It is apparently getting more difficult to negotiate a decent price; they just dump in the high pay bin, and throw you a 10 or 20 dollar bone.

I did get a second callback from TWC, and the woman I spoke with was pleasant and a bit more helpful then the first. Better then the I was paying. All in all, a bit of a savings — not the they are advertising to new customers, but not too bad either. It seems TWC deep discounted during the last quarter, but I guarantee they will do it again this quarter. I know there are some regional differences in retention pricing and NY State is one of the more aggressively priced service areas.

The west and midwest, not so much. Tried the Twitter method, was ignored for several days. Also tried Facebook with no response. Kept trying Twitter and eventually got someone to respond to me. Then I asked them to refer me to someone who could assist in canceling our services this was a bluff as we would not want to go through the hassle of switching to Frontier. Where are you located? What could be happening is your step up rate is still lower than their current promo offers in your area.

Let the rep know you are flexible and want the most bang for your buck. When the next rate step-up letter arrives, it should put you in a stronger position to grab a lower priced deal. We are located in the Raleigh-Durham area in NC. Frontier is the only competitor for TWC for bundled services around here, but their internet speeds are slower and they have an inferior TV offering DISH network which would be very expensive for the channels we would want and also jumps significantly in price after 12 months.

So not a viable option for our purposes. I used the Twitter method and Time Warner responded immediately. I told them I found a better rate and wanted to cancel. They asked when I wanted my service disconnected. I told them I found a better rate from Earthlink for 20 mbps internet. Broadband customers can bounce back and forth easily between Earthlink and TWC on new customer promo deals.

The only difference in service now is no more Time Warner email address. When your promo with Earthlink expires, just bounce back to TWC on their latest new customer promo. No modem change or service call is required.

They manage it right over the phone. I wanted to drop my telephone service through Time Warner and they told me I would have to pay more if I wanted the internet and TV but not the phone. We have triple play and its going from to Left msg on both Facebook and twitter. No Response on Facebook. I said this was unacceptable, and they said they have no other offers.

I scheduled a cancellation, and received no follow-up call for days. I used the method listed here, contacting TWC via Facebook. I said I did not want to pay the increased rate. I was told there was nothing they would do to accommodate me to keep me as a customer. Is it worth it to wait a couple of days until June to see if they have a different promotional offer? This is for just one room I have analog in my bedroom.

What is the latest best deal? Are you getting letters in the mail every few weeks from TWC offering you a deal on adding TV service? These are usually common and often reflect a good starting point for negotiations.

I live in Los Angeles and have internet only, I have been on a promotion for 6 months at My daughter wanted her own modem and I went in to the office in my area and was told 1 the extra modem will cost 8. How do I get them to keep their word and not price gouge me? I have the name of the person I dealt with. Shame about the confusion, but their is no gouging going on. Just tried it through Twitter and got told there is nothing they can offer.

Cable box freezes constantly, 50 mbps internet is more like 5 mbps. I went into their portal and ordered the cablecard, TV service, and upgraded my internet to turbo. Do they give you the run-around about your phone service when you buy your own modem? How did you get around it? You will end up keeping your existing modem for phone service only at no charge and your own purchased modem will supply Internet access only.

Your service rate is not dependent on renting a modem or buying one. Only the modem rental fee is. I bought my own modem over a year ago now. I had and still have TWC phone service. They let me keep their modem to continue using it for phone only. I had to buy a splitter to split the cable signal to both modems. Their modem only goes to the phone wiring, my modem goes to the computer network. There were no hassles whatsoever getting the new modem provisioned — 10 minutes on the phone.

If you wish to lower your bill further, changes to your requested services will need to be made to allow that to happen. This is likely because Time Warner management has curtailed some of their most aggressive promos this year, so the ones you can get now cost a little more than the ones you could get last year. That could form the basis of a new promo package. My bill is not too far away from yours because of the two surcharges and the increase I managed to get credited back because they committed to a lower promo rate that expired before it was applied to my account.

We do not watch Epix. I do not know if they can handle swapping one for the other however. Thanks for the help!! In New York City guys. So I wrote on the Facebook wall and got a response pretty quickly.

I am expecting a call from the retention team now and will post on how it goes. As best as I could tell, your Dish page covered only corporate issues. Do you have a page that discusses how to score deals from Dish? For the most part, I have found their reps range from unhelpful to user-hostile.

This site is wonderful! The posts are helpful, well thought out and not smart-alecky. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the suggestion. I will begin doing some research and see what I can find out and post an article with findings. In Hawaii, meaning there is no real competition. Interesting the first local rep I spoke to immediately took off the HD charge for 24 months.

I was then transferred over to the real representatives. She kept insisting that those two options were only for new customers. I said what if I drop all my services, leave and come back.

I stated I would have no problem with that option. So I told the rep, listen if you tack on that upgraded internet we have a deal. In the end we kept all the same TV Packages and upgraded our internet to the max, all while lowering our monthly bill. Nothings works in Lincoln Nebraska.

Our City Council will not let a competition in. That is no digital, extended channels or home phone. When you use your tactics they say fine and boom shut you off on phone. So not all TWC prices are equal, they go by regions. Now I have to pay for boxes too due to the Comcast merger that never happened. Just moved out of a Comcast region… hated that service.

Any suggestions about negotiation tactics as a new customer or should I just take the introductory rate and not worry until prices jump a year from now? Is it worth it to push for free HD Box? This is a Great website btw. I have to say you did not get a good rep. It is to gain knowledge of what you want to do with our services in the future and what you are currently doing now with our services. What would make the next year more enjoyable so to speak.

Experienced a lot of down time and slow speeds since moved and I am on my 3rd modem. I dumped the TV service because they were removing local channels then jacked my bill up so stinking high. The deal wasn;t enough to keep me anymore so I went with Dish and I am thrilled. I also have the phone and recently added a security system. I have been with TWC for years, and each year always experienced a huge price raise and always called to either keep the price the same with a new promo.

I am still not very happy about it because the internet speed is not reliable however I work from home and can;t have the snail speed either. I think I will give the tweet part a try as I don;t have nor want a facebook page. Crazy how much we pay for this stuff now. You get 6Mps with TWC for the same price. For new residential U-verse customers. The kicker; Actual customer speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Not that TWC guarantees either but they give a higher bottom speed.

I followed the directions here and I posted my request on FB. I was contacted nearly immediately, and I provided my contact information. I asked for a less expensive package on the TWC page and he told me that pricing was only for new customers. Hi, thank you for looking into this.

I just need internet access. My info is the following, thanks again for looking into this. I apologize for any poor experience. How do I make that happen? Ok, can you tell me what my new monthly is with Internet only?

I apologize, that can only be applied to new accounts. The account is currently benefiting from all available discounts. I apologize, but nothing further can be applied. Service cannot be canceled via Facebook. It would need to be canceled with an agent on the phone or in person by returning the modem to the local office. If you have concerns about the service fees Steve, I can review your account to see if anything can be done.

Also, if you have a preferred callback , please list that as well… thanks. All available discounts are in use on your account, nothing more can be provided.

If you need to lower your cost further, changes to your requested services will need to be made. Jay… Thanks for checking and your speedy reply. I was hoping that for a long time TWC customer you would be able to offer a better rate. Will probably call ATT on Monday. Today I tried the same thing. No response… So, I asked if they would cancel my account. So, how is that the same price?

Their response this year seemed different. Looking for alternatives, like SlingTV. TWC has a monopoly in this neighborhood. My building will not allow a dish and Fios has not arrived yet. There have been some price hikes in the last year on retention promotions, mostly thanks to programming-related increases, which have made it difficult to secure the same or a lower rate as last year.

Bundles with that speed might offer a better deal as well. Also consider asking them to go over all of their packages and promos at the dollar level you are paying right now. You might find one that actually adds value with extra services without a significant price change whole home DVR, faster Internet, better DVR, etc.

I sense no major shift away from promo deals, but some of these prices have been around for years and with cable TV programming rates going up like crazy, they appear not to be sustainable anymore. But try their website and build a package and see how it prices out. When they do reach your building, you will find aggressive new customer pricing, but Verizon has gotten very stingy about renewing promo deals. Thanks for your advice, Phillip. Lasted about 30 mins. From the start, Chelsea examined my old bill and started hacking away at the new charges.

Then, she handed it over to another rep, who continued to trim away. Their customer service reps proved to be more on the ball than their social media reps. Or, maybe it was the time of day, day of the week, who knows? Or just the enthusiasm and interest of the employee you dealt with. I have not missed either. But as long as you get a good price, I can see the value for some.

Just watch out when the promo prices on the premium channels expire, which may happen before your deal ends. As you may have seen in an earlier message, Joyce got good results calling TWC and connecting with customer retentions after threatening to cancel.

I suggest striking while the iron is hot and giving that a shot. Maybe some of the Twitter reps are out on vacation. I did not take a harsh tone this time around and threaten to cancel. I did the opposite. I was as nice as I could be and they were, too. Sorry if I misrepresented you, Joyce. I always advocate being polite, persistent, and persuasive and never taking a harsh tone or being rude to a CSR.

Tried Twitter as well. TWC is quick to let their customers jump ship and head over to any other provider. See my response to Sarah above. Ask them to look at the services you have now and have them check it against their promo offers available right now and see if they can find a match. I tried the Twitter method despite having Internet-only service and zero desire to get phone or TV , and lo and behold, it worked!

All were during business hours. I should note that the day before, after my first two tweets, I had tried calling, and the rep said she did not have any offers she could extend me other than triple-play deals. Very pleased with this turn of events!

Thanks for the heads up! What did you put in front of the companies handle so more people would see it? Well I used twitter and facebook and when I finally got a response, I was told I would receive a call. So I called with my assigned ticket.

My guess is that promo expired. I moved in June and my bill went from I called and was transferred twice, but finally spoke with someone in customer solutions. He offered me a rate of In total, I will be paying less than my new customer promotional rate because I called. It was a huge time suck and challenging to deal with difficult customer service associates, but I was able to lower my bill.

My mom recently moved and she called TWC and got set up on her own. She got the triple play bundle with two extra set top boxes. However the app worked fine on her iPad. She got her service installed mid July. When she side up they quoted her the Am I missing something that makes this so outrageously expensive or is this how much standard cable is costing now?

Are there other bundles that may be better suited for her? Just to the left will be a round gear icon. Click that and a drop down box will appear. If you are authorized to speak to TWC on her behalf, you can include your phone number as well. Otherwise you will need you mom on the line when you speak to TWC. Let them know you think someone may have made a mistake setting up her account and want to go over the charges step by step.

This TV service includes one standard HD set top box, but price does not include taxes or other fees. Includes unlimited calling to the U. Their modem offers Wi-Fi in the home. If Charter successfully buys Time Warner Cable, they currently do not charge modem fees so that rental charge would presumably will go away sometime next year. I still tell people to buy their own modem.

I want to avoid rising price. You can bounce back and forth between Earthlink and Time Warner Cable and enroll under a new customer promotion each time, over and over and over.

You may find if you tell Time Warner you are switching to Earthlink because of their better price, they might just renew your current promo rate for another whole year without having to go to Earthlink after all. Earthlink and TWC service is indistinguishable from each other performance-wise.

Most people use Gmail or Yahoo! I highly recommend people moving away from ISP-provided email so you can freely change providers without going through e-mail address change headaches each time. So TWC gave me Earthlink gives me Would TWC give me new customer promotion if I came back and ordered the same package lets say the 20mbps internet I had had before I left for Earthlink? TWC will bill you directly for Earthlink service. After the six months are up set a calendar reminder a week or two before the six months are up , you will call TWC and say you want to sign up for their Internet as a new customer and you will get the new customer price in effect at that point.

Your promotion is ending soon. Changing to Earthlink involved a few mouse clicks at Time Warner. No installer visit or modem change is required. Thank you very much! I just double checked with TWC and researched some document on New York state sales tax, which states that internet fee is exempted from tax. TWC agent told me to unplug my modem and replug it after 15min, which should do me right to transform line to Earthlink.

Now I am connecting to the Internet again. Is there a way to figure out who I am with? Everything is processed through Live chat. During business hours, I left a message on the time warner Facebook page saying I was disappointed with the company because my bill went up with the annual review, new customers were being offered I also stated I was looking into Netflix and Dish network right now.

I asked if there was anything that could be done about the price before I switch to satellite, and she said someone would look over my account and contact me within 3 business days. Thanks for the advice on your page. Just private message the info on Facebook. Also, are there any current gift card offers to add on to the deal? I have basic internet with them. I followed instructions for both twitter and Facebook and no response. That of course is what I suspected would happen. At this time we do not have any other promotions available.

Think I should I call or visit the local service center? This advice is fantastic. They said to wait and someone from Sales would be in contact with me. Within hours I received a phone call and lo and behold two discounts materialized suddenly and I am now going to be paying I would say I spent a total of 15 minutes of my time and I am saving over 1, for the year. This is scummy and messed up, my friend works in twc retention and they get hammerd when they give up money. When u guys do this just because you dont wanna pay for services that you enjoy but dont see the value off.

Your taking money from hard working people on the other line of the service. Some people are lucky to come out of there earning a month.

Most other companies offer contracts and when u brake contracts leave u with a hole in your pocket of dollars. I know its just cable but this is why our world is the way it is. Every one wants everything for nothing.

Nothing in Lincoln NE works as there is zero competition. They are horrible rude people. Their base prices are almost twice of those markets with competition. Not to mention the perks and benefits including free cable, Internet, phone, and security. Also from my understanding it is not commission but performance pay ie does the customer have to call back for the same issue would go against you.

Either way a good job that as long as you are good to customers can provide decent pay and benefits. We want to downgrade and pay a lot less. So far we have got no replies after following your advice. I said I feel like its way to expensive and he said should I cancel your service?

Is there any way to escalate via Twitter or get directly to Customer Retention? We chatted back and forth and no love what so ever. I push some more and no dice. Currently very frustrated with TWC. Was ok with that figuring that more than offsets the increase from promo rate to current rate. They either lied to me or are incompetent. After they told me it was only they shipped it off to a billing specialist who has essentially reopened the promo and sent it back to retention to be fixed. If I have to call a third time they better have a freebie to give me.

This whole process has been a joke. Should have just cancelled. All who plan on becoming potential TWC customers. The following needs to take place, and after you diligently follow their requirements and stipulations, you still will not see what was advertised or promised to you no joke!

Wait for your redemption code either by mail, or email. But regardless, you will not see it. I am 6 moths into this process and still fighting to get what was promised but more so advertised.

In this step, well…. At your discretion, call and call and keep calling to no avail get no where. You will still get the same BS story and receive nothing. If you keep calling, they will only generate a ticket after ticket , for the same process and results. You should still report them, and post what happened to you on Facebook and Yelp etc…. Alright just spent my Saturday talking with them.

Push came to shove they said I had to call, which I did. First representative gave me the run around; tried lowering my service and all the typical things. Was put on hold a lot and somehow my call got dropped. So, I called back. It is a hassle though. No one gives a damn if I cancel after being a customer for 11 years. If I do cancel and wait the 30 days to sign up again, will I have to pay any kind of activation charge?

They had told me that a rep had to come to my apt complex to shut the service off, will I have to pay a service charge for them to come back to turn it on again? It is possible that the pending merger with Charter are causing internal company procedures to change. Now to negotiate a new promotion, they send calls over to their Customer Relations department.

The company is definitely playing hard ball with letting those who cancel go. Heads up, very recently the Social Media Team at Time Warner Cable no longer has the ability to put people on new promotions for active accounts. They make you call in your promotions inquiries via a 1 number they provide. I tried calling in for a new promotion and they are getting very stingy over pricing. The social media team never really had the authority to directly sell promotions.

From there, you will end up at a TWC Retention call center. Your arguments to them are still going to be the same. They will start by trying to cut down your services. Tell them to stop trying, you want the same or better service for a lower price or you are canceling service.

They will give you a minor promotional offer first most of the time. If they stammer, ask them if they would like some time to research their promotions and call you back. Tell them that gives you time to go and find some boxes and rubber bands as you prepare to disconnect your cable equipment to take to the local Time Warner store tomorrow to cancel your service.

Let them know you are scheduling an install appointment with the new provider later today, so time is of the essence. Your target rate should approximate the new customer price for service. TWC has fixed promotions. The key is to fit you into the best one that works for you. I decided to drop their modem as well and go buy one at Best Buy.

This is not any better than they already notified me. I will get the new equipment set up and then try again through the Facebook connection, I am nearing retirement and since my husband entered assisted living with dementia my income has been severely impacted.

Cutting the cable by adding a TV antenna, Netflix streaming only, Ooma phone service and negotiating rates each year has been one of my spending approaches in order to not raid my retirement savings. I am in a work from home program with my employer so cutting my only internet provider is an empty threat.

I did check to see if Earthlink is offered to me and it is. Verizon has not come to my zip code yet. This is what I have posted on the Time Warner Facebook page following your instructions above. The increase is extreme.

I am searching out alternatives and have replaced the TWC equipment and will return it this week. I have found another vendor who can offer me a better rate with no add-on fees.

Can you do better? All can avoid it by buying your own cable modem. We continue to recommend the Motorola now Arris I can exchange with in the first 30 days. What is the benefit to the ? There has been no response from the Facebook posting. Do you think this is likely the best I can do? The supports more bonded channels, and faster speeds. You are effectively future-proofing your modem from obsolescence for at least years with the I suspect the will not be as lucky after years.

Time Warner approves the only at speeds of 50Mbps or below. TWC bills 30 days in advance and pro-rates. Anything that saves you money is a good deal. What about the SB?

Yes, it costs more. Of course here in Rochester, NY it would be overkill. All these huge companies have monopolies in a certain area so consumers have nowhere else to go. Your thoughts can be added to the record in these proceedings.

Negative comments do not help their case to be purchased. The original article has been updated to reflect recent policy changes at Time Warner Cable. His first reply to me was to call a phone number. His second reply was to the same phone number. Waiting on his 3rd reply when I told him to have a person call me with an offer. I will report back. StablemanE My apologies W E, we do not handle these types of issues via this channel.

I had tried the Twitter route last week and got the response to call So I called TWC, after getting to the customer retention department, the customer representative started asking questions about my usage what channels I like to watch, what do I use the internet for, etc.

She then came up with the following offer good for one year:. So after calling back, I got the same questions about usage by the second representative. I just signed up for TW internet service. It was lower than the price the operator quoted me. They will waive it for you. I also told them that if I needed to, I would switch services, then come back after a few months and get the new customer rate. Now, I did this as it costs Time Warner money when they have to sent out a technician to install something.

Instead of paying for someone to come out, they can just lower my bill or keep my rate on the same promo. This is why it works. Negotiating your Time Warner Cable rate is an art and sometimes mathematical science. This is why they make it hard for you to get a lower rate. There are other methods to try when negotiating, but anger and madness is not one of them. As I said, these are real people on the other ends of the line.

Do you like getting yelled at over the phone? I know I would make your life harder if you called me up and started yelling. Kill them with kindness or use basic math to get a new promotional rate. I have done it for 10 years and will continue as long as my methods work. Have either of these methods worked for you? I'm a business owner, blogger, father, and husband. I paid it off, started this blog, and my financial life has changed.

I now talk about fighting debt and growing wealth here. I run a WordPress support company to help business owners and bloggers who use WordPress get around tech challenges. Nice work on negotiating new deals all these years and never paying full price. Plus I get free HBO. I had one client who went all the way to cancel everything and the following week the company called back and offered him a better deal than the promotional one. Sometimes you have to take that risk, but it typically pays off.

If customer service was excellent then everyone would call to negotiate a lower rate because the experience would be less of a hassle. Having dealt with clients on the phone myself I know that is usually one of the best ways to get what you want. Ah yes, they do have a lovely reputation for rate increases. Glad this information will be helpful when you get that letter! We have Comcast and for a while they stopped negotiating.

But they slowly changed course and ended up negotiating again. We were ready to jump to Verizon, but then Comcast beat the offer. I hate TWC with all my heart and soul. I have only Internet service which is easy. I run an online business, so I need fast speed internet that can handle many FTP connections and big data transfers. Building rapport is probably the best thing you can do because it makes them think about helping themselves and not just helping you to help you.

Nice work on getting it dropped just by finding common interests and talking to the reps like they are people. Yeah I myself am one of those lovely retention agents for twc you speak to when you say you want to cancel. I will give you some tips, if someone calls in and is being uncooperative and rude, you have less chance of getting better deals from me. Thanks for taking the time to provide some feedback Andrew. If I have to call in, I always try to be as nice as possible.

Kindness can go a long way. Killing them with kindness is probably the most safest route when dealing with lowering your rate. I have to do this with both TWC and Directv every year and it has yet to fail me. I prepared and got everything cable related so I answered every question that was asked in a very polite manner. Even got some Verizon new customer rates handy just in case I need to go that route. In the end the Being nice and prepared can really work things out in your favor.

Treat them like a human being, you will be treated the same. I called them and directly said cancel on the automated system, and directly went to the retention department. Thanks for the tips. We cut the cable in Have high-speed internet with a small cable co. Metrocast because there is nothing else. We Americans pay way too much for internet compared to the rest of the world.

We sub to Netflix and watch some free stuff on Hulu. I listen to an audio news stream while I walk on the machine. But basically we waste a lot less time and money watching crap on TV. Life is a lot better since getting off the couch. Do more than save a little money, save your life. No, I need to cut my addiction to wasting time writing comments when I should be writing my own stuff!

Well, thank you for taking the time to write a comment, but go out there and get paid to write your own stuff! I tried getting a lower payment from Spectrum.

Not really lower but just to stay they same. They have gone up over The only way to get a lower payment is to quit for a while and come back as a new customer. I am now searching for a new provider. Not a lot of cable companies out there in my area but it looks more promising for next year. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

Method One: Killing them with Kindness

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Time Warner Cable offers the fastest possible connection for all of your Internet needs, with speeds of 60 Mbps. This service can provide you with all that you need for surfing, shopping, streaming, playing games and all the other online activities you want to do. Remind them that the phone company is ready to sign you up with a new customer promotion very similar to what Time Warner Cable offers their new customers. You want something closer to that. They will remind you their website promotions typically do not include equipment, which is why their offer will usually be higher than what is on .

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Spectrum Deals and Promotions. Below you will find the best triple play offers, TV and internet bundles, and internet only deals available for Charter Spectrum. Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Charter Spectrum. After acquiring Time Warner Cable. Here are some tips from Stop the Cap! for Time Warner Cable and Bright House customers to consider before changing your account. If you are on a new customer promotion from Time Warner Cable, have a rebate offer from TWC in progress, or a discount you negotiated with TWC to remain a customer, Charter will honor the deal .