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Problems with the Articles of Confederation Essay Sample

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❶In this treaty, which was never ratified, the United States was to give up rights to use the Mississippi River for 25 years, which would have economically strangled the settlers west of the Appalachian Mountains. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Problems with the Articles of Confederation Essay Sample

The Articles of Confederation Essay Sample
articles of confederation essay help
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These problems would soon cause the nation to spiral into pandemonium. It quickly became clear to the leaders of the United States that a more powerful national government would be needed if their newly founded nation was to survive.

After several months of heated debate, the leaders of every state would ratify the Constitution and agree to make the Constitution the most important legal document in the country. The Constitution was able to solve many of the problems that came with decentralization.

For example, disputes between different states over issues such as trade often crippled the nation before the ratification of the Constitution. States did everything in their power to make their rival states suffer economically and politically and there was absolutely nothing that the ineffective central government could do about it. After the Constitution was adopted, disputes between different states would never be able to escalate out of control again due to the fact that the Constitution grants the national government the power to settle conflicts between states.

In addition, the Constitution addressed the economic issues that the United States was dealing with. After the expensive Revolutionary War, the United States was left with many debts to pay off. According to the Articles of Confederation, however, states did not have to give any money to the federal government. Because of its lack of taxing power, the national government had no means by which to earn revenue or pay off its debts. Inflation also soared due to the fact that each individual state could print its own currency whenever it saw fit.

The Constitution, however, would be able to solve all of these economic problems by granting Congress the right to tax the states and by allowing only the federal government to print and control the circulation of money.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the Constitution was able to ensure that the nation would always be safe from outside forces and internal forces. While the United States had a confederal system of government, a lack of security was a frightening reality.

The state governments did not have to provide the central government with any soldiers and most of the state militias were extremely inadequate. Because of the Constitution, the many problems that came with extreme decentralization, such as heated conflicts between states, economic disorder and turmoil, and a pitifully weak and inefficient military, are virtually nonexistent today.

Although the federal system that the United States adopted after the ratification of the Constitution has been a dramatic improvement over the old confederal system, many of its aspects are quite controversial. More specifically, the amount of power that the central government should have over state institutions is always called into question when state governments disagree with the actions of national leaders. Some people passionately support the idea of state governments always adhering to the decisions that are made on Capitol Hill while others support the right of states to use discretion when faced with pressure from the national government with equal adamancy.

One contemporary issue that the central government and various state governments often find themselves at odds over is the issue of the rights of the physically disabled. Although virtually no person is opposed to the Americans with Disabilities Act for ethical reasons, there are people who want the law to be repealed because they believe that it is financially and logistically absurd for every government building and every place of business, no matter how small or how poor, to be legally required to be accessible to disabled people.

In many cases, the strongest opponents of the Americans with Disabilities Act have been state governments. For example, the government of Tennessee expressed its opposition to the Americans with Disabilities Act in Tennessee v.

Lane, a Supreme Court case. Also, manufacturers wanted a high tariff as a barrier to foreign goods, but competition among states made this impossible without a central government. Political scientist David C. Hendrickson writes that two prominent political leaders in the Confederation, John Jay of New York and Thomas Burke of North Carolina believed that "the authority of the congress rested on the prior acts of the several states, to which the states gave their voluntary consent, and until those obligations were fulfilled, neither nullification of the authority of congress, exercising its due powers, nor secession from the compact itself was consistent with the terms of their original pledges.

On the other hand, Article VII of the proposed Constitution stated that it would become effective after ratification by a mere nine states, without unanimity:. The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same. The apparent tension between these two provisions was addressed at the time, and remains a topic of scholarly discussion. In , James Madison remarked in Federalist No.

At the time, there were state legislators who argued that the Constitution was not an alteration of the Articles of Confederation, but rather would be a complete replacement so the unanimity rule did not apply.

Modern scholars such as Francisco Forrest Martin agree that the Articles of Confederation had lost its binding force because many states had violated it, and thus "other states-parties did not have to comply with the Articles' unanimous consent rule". On July 3, , the Congress received New Hampshire 's all-important ninth ratification of the proposed Constitution, thus, according to its terms, establishing it as the new framework of governance for the ratifying states.

The following day delegates considered a bill to admit Kentucky into the Union as a sovereign state. The discussion ended with Congress making the determination that, in light of this development, it would be "unadvisable" to admit Kentucky into the Union, as it could do so "under the Articles of Confederation" only, but not "under the Constitution". By the end of July , 11 of the 13 states had ratified the new Constitution.

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Declaration: Articles of Confederation - An article of Confederation was adopted by the Continental Congress, on November 15, It was the first constitution of America. Though, ratification of the Articles of Confederation by all thirteen states did not take place until March 1,

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The Articles of Confederation can be referred to as the first 'constitution' of the United States and set out how the Federal government was to run, including implementation of United States of America, as a certified name for the new nation. Articles of Confederation DBQ. Articles of confederation created in , was the first constitution of the United States of America. The Articles of Confederation had served as the agreement between the thirteen sovereign states and was ratified by

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